Urine Number 1 Substitution Kit 3.5 OZ

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Number #1 Urine Substitution Kit A Product from Piss in Your Pants Technology
The Number 1 Technology is the manufacturer of the “Go Number One,”  which is a unisex urine replacement kit.
The Number #1 Urine Substitute Kit is designed for use by men and women of the watersports fetish community, who want a safer, easier, steady stream of urine to play with. The Number #1 is formulated to ensure that whether you are novice or experienced in golden shower play, you will not be able to tell the difference — Not even a lab tester can tell the difference!


  • Sterile Bladder with 3.5oz of Synthetic Urine
  • Two Heating Pads
  • Fabric Belt to ensure comfort
  • Instructions 

Go Number 1 Instructions

Test in 7 easy steps

  • Open up the heat pad (Japanese Writing) and remove the adhesive backing. 
  • Give the heat pad a couple of good shakes to get it working. Stick the heat pad TO THE BAG, between the bag and the belt.
  • Wrap the Go Number 1 around your waist (under ALL your clothing) with the temperature strip touching your skin, and the tube pointing to the floor. 
  • Wear the kit for one hour before you test. The temperature strip MUST read 98-100 degrees before you test.
  • On the day of the test, close the white clips and cut the end of the tube to desired length.
  • Test! Unfasten the white clips and drain the contents into the cup.
  • Celebrate! If you have any questions, please call us at 1-888-245-6640. Before you take your test!


  • Do not keep checking the temperature, this cools it down. 
  • Once append, the heat pad is good for eight hours.
  • Only use one heat pad at a time.
  • The Bladder-bag needs to touch skin to heat up.
  • This product cannot be refilled.
  • This product does not over heat.

Number #1 Synthetic Urine: A Solid Synthetic Urine that will Keep You in the Clear
There has been an enormous glut of new companies releasing their own synthetic urines onto the market recently, so many that it’s hard to keep track of which ones are good and which ones aren’t. Number #1 Synthetic Urine is one such product that talks a big game as one of the most-advanced synthetic urines around, capable of passing even the most advanced Urine tests that it comes up against. It’s shown itself to be popular with everyone because the urine they provide is unisex, but can Number #1 Synthetic Urine really number one? Read on to find out.

Overview of Number #1 Synthetic Urine
The belt that comes with Number #1 Synthetic Urine is perfect for the pack where the urine goes. It fits nicely around your waist, and is elasticated so everyone can get the same comfortable feel. The pack comes with 3.5oz of synthetic urine, more than what you will need to supply in a test. It also comes supplied with two heating pads which you can place around the pack to keep the urine warm for several hours once you have heated it up. To give you added confidence that your synthetic urine is going to live up to expectations, the pack also has a temperature gauge on it which reads from anywhere between 90F and 106F. Real urine is probably going to be somewhere around 98F to 102F, so you can use the gauge to get it in that zone. If the urine is too cold, then warm it up with the heat pads, and if it is too hot, either leave it to stand for a few minutes or try blowing on it.

How Good is the Synthetic Urine Provided?
So we know that the set-up is impressive, but what about the performance? As we touched on a bit earlier, tests are becoming more and more sophisticated as they look to tackle synthetic urine, which means companies need to be on the top of their games more than ever before.

Let’s go over a few things that they test for and see how Number #1 stacks up. One of the first indicators is the pH level – a real urine sample should be somewhere between 4.6 and 8.0 and Number #1 manages to achieve this easily.

It’s also important that a synthetic urine sample has the right specific gravity and creatinine levels. Number #1 performs well here too, and it’s perhaps even more vital that it does so in the later as failure to contain 15mg per kilogram of bodyweight of creatinine would show that the sample had at least been tampered with, if not faked altogether.

The added sophistication that we mentioned is shown in that tests now look for the presence of urea and uric acid in urine samples, something they never did before. While some synthetic urine products are yet to catch up on these developments, Number #1 is up to the task. The urine they sell will always have the urea and uric acid in it, so there’s no danger of your test coming up fake because neither are in there.

Now, even though a test cannot be refused for not looking or having the visual characteristics of real urine – such as smell or foam – it helps to have them just for that added peace of mind and seeming feel of legitimacy. Number #1 definitely has the right smell although it doesn’t really foam up that much, but again, you cannot be failed on it so don’t be too concerned.

On the whole, we rate Number #1 Synthetic Urine as a good synthetic urine that delivers in all the key areas that you’d expect it to.

What Else Could I Use for Additional Protection?
While having a synthetic urine that is going to pass a test is paramount, you also need to make sure that you look the part so that you don’t get caught. Number #1 Synthetic Urine has one of the better urine releasing mechanisms which does not utilize a prosthetic penis. The urine is easy to reach when on your belt without looking suspicious (unclipping the heat pads could make a sound), and it aims well and steadily into the cup. Of course, it still helps if you have practiced doing it a few times before you go into a test.

However, if you can’t get along with it or are worried – especially if you are male – that it doesn’t look realistic enough, then you could always use a prosthetic penis such as the Whizzinator, and insert your synthetic urine from Number #1 into that if you are happy with it. It’s purely up to you though, and as we’ve said, you should find the Number #1 belt easy enough to use effectively and discreetly.

Depending on where you do the test, you might get to go into your own room. If you get this opportunity then you can double check that the urine is of the right temperature and make some last-minute adjustments if need be. However, if you aren’t afforded this chance, you’ll still be fine as long as you have attached the heat pads correctly.

Contains Of Package;

- 1 Bladder Bag With 3.5oz. Synthetic Urine (A Novelty Item Only)
- 1 Adjustable Elastic Strap
- 2 Heat Pads
- 1 Temperature Strip
- Complete Instructions

- Highest Quality Synthetic Toxin-Free Urine Available!
- No Mixing Required
- Male/Female Usage!
- Most Advanced Heating System!
- 1 Year Shelf Life
-Made In USA 

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Manufacturer Website www.goingnumber1.co
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