Smokebuddy The Original Personal Air Filter

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Original Smokebuddy Looking for a way to hide that smell?! The Smokebuddy (Blue) is a smaller pocket size, life saving air filter. Allows you to simply exhale your smoke through the Smokebuddy and odorless air comes out the other end, keeping secondhand smoke away from your loved ones. The original Smokebuddy is a personal smoke filter. Smoke from a cigarette, pipe or the like releases dangerous toxins into the atmosphere. Exhaling through a smokebuddy reduces secondhand smoke and eliminates odor. Ideal For: - Home - Office - Car - Travel Features: * Removes smoke * Eliminates odor * High quality * Ideal for home, office, car and travel * Environmentally friendly. * Compact and convenient. * Keeps secondhand smoke away from those you love. * Allows you to smoke where you want, when you want without anyone knowing. * Removes odor and smoke from air like magic. * Includes a Smoke Buddy Keychain with LED light. * Travel Caps Included for storing discreetly. * Estimated roughly 300 uses or more.  Instructions For Use: 1- Remove Tavel Caps 2- Place Lips on intake creating a seal 3- Blow Smoke Through Smokebuddy 4- Enjoy Smokeless, odorless clean air. Benefits; - Compact - Convenient - High Quality - Long Lasting - Removes Smoke - Eliminates Odor - Travel Caps Inclued - Reduces Second Hand Smoke - Personal Air Filter
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