Serious Monkey Flask Unisex Synthetic Urine Novelty Kit 3.5 Fluid Oz

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Serious Monkey Business Flask Unisex Synthetic Urine Novelty Kit 3.5 Fluid Oz. The unique flask design, containing 3.5 oz. of the highest quality pre-mixed synthetic urine, allows for discreet concealment and ensures proper heating for up to 8 hours. Safety sealed flip to cap and easy to read temperature strip includes 1 self-adhesive heat pad. The Urine is ready to use right out of the box Sold as a novelty item. Intended for lawful use only. Please follow all applicable local, state and federal laws when using this product. WARNING: DO NOT Take Internally. Instructions: 1. DO NOT remove or puncture the safety seal, located under the cap, UNTIL the time of use. 2. To heat this product, simply attach the heat pad directly to the flask, on the opposite side of the temperature strip. 3. Store the flask close to your body. 4. The sample can take up to 1 hour to reach optimal range of 98-100 degrees. 5. The flask will maintain the temperature for up to 8 hours. Remember that your body and the heat pad combined will maintain the temperature. 6. Make sure the temperature label reads green between 98-100 degrees and deliver sample. The synthetic sample does not harbor any diseases that may result with a real human sample. This Product is Sold as a novelty only. This product is NOT intended for unlawful use. Buyer agrees to all responsibilities and liabilities for use of this product at their discretion. This product WILL NOT be accepted for return once it has been opened. Additional Tips Q- Why does this product grow bacteria and others don’t? A- Other products are not as complete as ours. Ph balanced colored water does not grow bacteria. Q- Why would I want my sample to grow bacteria? A- Simple, all human urine will grow bacteria after it leaves the body. Q- How long is this product good for? A- As long as the safety seal hasn’t been broken, the sample will be good for at least one year. Q- Can the sample be reheated? A- This product can be reheated and cooled an unlimited amount of times. Q- Why does the flask need to be next to my body? A- Your body is the main heating source for the flask. The temperature strip side should face your body with the heat temperature strip side should face your body with the heat pad on the side away from your body. Q- Can I microwave the flask to speed up the heating process? A- To speed up the heating process, you can preheat the flask in a microwave for 5 seconds. More than 5 seconds will usually take the sample above 100 degrees and will need a few minutes to cool down. Once it does, apply the heat pad to maintain temperature. DO NOT MICROWAVE HEAT PAD!
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