Jin Lun Electric 10 Oz Gold Windproof Lighter

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Jin Lun Electric 10 Oz Gold Windproof Lighter +  USB Cable and a very good packaging cool enough for a gift.

Jin-Lun Electric 10 Oz Gold Design Windproof Lighter + USB 

This is an electric lighter by Jin Lun, it has a flame which is all electric, simply open the lid and push the power button to turn on. It is rechargeable and comes with a USB cable Gold Colors 

1. Open the lighter's cover
2. Touch the trigger button to ignite the cigarette
3. Release the button to turn arc off

1- If the arc has reduced in size, or cigarette no longer lights, please recharge as soon as possible.
2- Use the supplied USB cord to recharge lighter. Plug small end into lighter, larger end into a computer or 5V USB interface.
3- When fully charged, the indicator LED will light up.
4- In order to maintain long battery life, please keep the lighter charged.

Please keep cigarettes and lighter away from moisture 

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