Vintage Kaywoodie Medico Rogue Tobacco Pipe

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Vintage Kaywoodie Medico Rogue Tobacco Pipe

Vintage Kaywoodie Medico Rogue

Handmade Tobacco Pipe


Due to the fact that it is handmade, the actual product may vary slightly in color, size or shape.


Fit and finish: The pipe should look as if it was made with care. There should not be any obvious sandpaper marks, uneven stain, or bald spots without wax. The inside of the bowl should not be stained. The stem and shank should join well.
There is no right or wrong option. A straight stem is easier to clean, but a bent stem tends to be more comfortable to hold in the mouth. For those who will mostly be holding the pipe in their hand, a straight-stemmed pipe might work well.
It is best to choose a classic straight Billiard or Apple - these shapes have been tried and tested for generations and are easy to smoke. It can also be a slightly curved half-bent.
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