What is the Correct Method of Using Synthetic Pee?

Fetishes know no bounds, and that is exactly what has lead to the discovery of a unique product in the novelty business – synthetic urine. Slowly and steadily, the product has also become one of the most reliable ways to bypass drug tests and deceive the probation officers. Having said all of this, while many of you might be aware of the presence of such a product in the market, not all are quite sure of how to use it properly. This blog takes you through the correct methods of using synthetic pee.

What exactly is fake urine?

To start with, fake urine is a laboratory version of natural pee without the toxicity. No kidding! It has all the components present in human pee in the precise proportions as well. Some of the most common substances present in the synthetic version urea, uric acid, sulfates, phosphates, creatinine, sodium chloride, and the likes. The most interesting factor that makes both of them so similar is the pH level. When you shake a fake pee mixture, you will see that it foams up and smells exactly like that of a human. This makes it all the more sought-after among people who want to use it for fetish purposes.

If we list down the popular reasons to use synthetic urine, topics like pee fetishism, urolagnia or golden shower, cave flooding, and equipment calibration would come to the forefront. Upon further research, its use by marijuana smokers to pass drug tests is also very popular. Some of the adventurous kinds also use it to prank others for the scare of Omorashi, or bed-wetting. The product, however, is found in two forms – power and premix versions. The later, further, is available in a bag, a bottle, or with a whizzinator.

Synthetic urine in a bottle

An inconvenient way of using the product, a bottle has its pros and cons. First off, let’s talk about the advantages. A bottle is ordinarily very small and can be carried with ease. You will be able to conceal it under your clothes if you want, and easily be able to pour the product wherever you want. The striking disadvantage is the tightness with which the bottle is closed, which makes it hard to open at once.

Fake pee in a bag

There are several problems of using the product with this method. To begin with, it is awkward to carry. Next, it can make a noise when you are pouring the pee and quite challenging as well. Finally, there is a high chance for the product to splatter and outflow, breaking the steady rhythm.

The Whizzinator synthetic urine

Excellent for male usage, the whizzinator, also known to be a wet sex stimulator, is an excellent alternative in this scenario. Available in a device form, men can easily conceal the product in their pants, with no one even noticing. The discreetness of the whizzinator ensures that when you want to use the product, the synthetic pee is already inside the device, making it as original as possible. Reputed brands sell this device in colors that match the skin tone, so that fetish takes a different level altogether. 

Prepare your product for optimum results

Now that you have a fair idea of what are the various uses of fake pee, and the different ways to use it; you must also know how to prepare it. Oh yes, trust me when I say, to get the most out of your synthetic pee, you would need to get it to the right temperature, if not anything else. Especially when you are using the product for drug tests, you need to get it to the exact element of human urine, or else you will fail.

First off, remember that when you are going for a drug test, you would only require to give them 2oz of urine. In case you have bought a 2oz pack of fake urine, be careful to not spill it. It is suggested that you buy a kit that consists of more urine and longer shelf life.

Next, keep the temperature in check. Real urine is never less than 90 degrees Fahrenheit and not more than 100 degrees either. Microwaving the product that you receive can be an option, but most of these kits come with hand warmers that work fine. As a fallback option, you can keep the pack close to your body to reach that temperature easily.

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