The uses of the best synthetic urine – REVEALED!

If you take out time from your busy life and think closely, you will see that among other things, synthetic urine is not something typically on your mind. Not unless you are someone into urolagnia or, pee fetishism. Since not much information is known about fake pee, it has discouraged several people from getting their hands on one. It is, however, crucial that you go for the best synthetic urine when you are buying it for the first time, so that you get optimum results.

The correct definition and constituents of synthetic urine

First off, to ensure everyone is on the same page, synthetic urine is a laboratory-made version of urine that closely represents the natural. Talking about the constituents that go into preparing synthetic urine, the first few things that come in mind are components such as creatinine, ammonia, urea, sulfates, uric acids, and the correct pH level that matches that of a human. The best part that makes fake pee interesting is that it follows the composition, properties, and appearance of the human urine down to every detail. 

If you search for synthetic urine in the market, you will find them in two varieties-

1. Premix solutions

2. Dry powders

Synthetic urine, majorly used for fetish novelty, and the calibration of testing equipment, might be laboratory-made but has all-natural ingredients in it. What you are bound to notice when you get the pack of urine in your hands is that it has a distinct human urine smell as well. Shake it, and watch it foam. A few brands that sell the best synthetic urine in the market and have slowly secured their place include Monkey Dong, Whizzinator, and XStream fetish. 

How do you use synthetic urine?

When you buy the synthetic urine, and it reaches you, unpack the solution from the package. Open the heat pad and then remove the backing before shaking it for quite some time. This would activate the heat pad. Then, attach the pad to the bottle of fake pee and keep it against your body. Ensure that at all times, the heat pad is close to your synthetic urine pack so that it can maintain a consistent temperature at all times. Open the bottle cap when you want to use it.

If you have bought fake pee for fetish or golden showers, you might want to lean more towards Whizzinator. As one of the oldest brands that manufacture and sell synthetic urine, this brand comes up with a very realistic fake penis, as well. The kit can be fastened with an elastic belt that comes with the package itself. Made up of 100% cotton, you can wear the kit for extended periods without feeling any uncomfortable sensation at all. A pressure band, along with the kit, is all it takes to facilitate a more realistic flow.

Widespread types of fake pee usage

Be it pee fetishism or testing, fake pee can be used for a lot of situations. Some of the most common are:

1. Equipment calibration: While this might come as a surprise, synthetic urine is often used to calibrate equipment used for urine testing. Yes, the precise calculation might not be possible, but it mostly does the work for urinalysis. 

2. Research: An exciting thing to do with synthetic pee, scientists, more often than not, use it for research purposes. This is great because human urine can be toxic, and fake pee is everything apart from that.

3. Watersports: This is a broad genre of fake pee fetish where one person is urinating on the other. Perfect for those couples who want to bring some fun during intercourse.

4. Cave flooding: Not literally! As part of intercourse, several people want to go for it. This takes away the harmful bacteria of human urine and leaves all the fun for the couple. 

Pranks such as bedwetting or the scare of Omorashi can also be carried on with synthetic urine. SmokeWrap, an online retailer of adult novelties and smoking accessories based in the USA, stocks the best synthetic urine on the website, including the ones mentioned above. 

Conclusion: Synthetic urine can be useful in a wide range of scenarios if one knows how to use it correctly. The best part about SmokeWrap is that the products are 100% genuine and sourced directly from the manufacturer. The delivery is done discreetly so that no one can guess what the package entails, making it one of the best websites to buy synthetic urine from. If you are interested in it and want to check out the collection, visit the SmokeWrap website.

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