Everything You Need to Know about Our Synthetic Urine Kit

Do not be shocked at the title because this is a thing! Or wait. Since you are reading this, you might already be curious about what a synthetic urine kit is all about. The product comes as a huge help when we talk about games and pranks that are not for unlawful use. Companies that deal with smoking accessories have come up with products such as the Monkey Whizz Kit that contains synthetic urine. 

What Do You Mean by Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine, also known as “fake pee,” is laboratory urine. The product is made to imitate the chemical properties, composition, and even appearance of human urine. If you take a closer look at the synthetic product, you will be able to get exactly all the components of natural urine in there.

This comprises ammonia, creatinine, uric acids, sulphates, and even urea. The most impressive point about getting synthetic urine is that even the pH level and the “gravity” that is present in the human urine are identical. Two of the most popular forms of fake urine available are dry powders and pre-mixed solutions.

What Are the Factors That Contribute to Synthetic Urine?
Now that you know what synthetic urine is all about, let’s take a look into what are the factors that shape synthetic urine. First things first, synthetic urine is a liquid where other elements have been added to make it more urine-like. The major components that add to synthetic urine are:
1. The level of Creatinine: When fake urine is produced, it has to seem like it has been derived right from the body. That is why the chemists who prepare the formulation ensure add minimal solutions to it.
2. The colour: When you are working with fake pee, you need to make sure that it doesn’t seem like any other liquid that is devoid of any colour. Chemists, while composing the formula, have come up with a subtle way to bring a mild yellowish colour to the output. 

3. The pH level: One of the significant components of our urine is the pH level, and the quantity found in human urine is measured to add to the synthetic product. Some elements of the urine are then diluted to ensure that the synthetic product feels authentic
4. The temperature: While producing the synthetic product, the chemists make sure that they match the temperature to that of human urine before finalizing one texture. 
How Do You Choose the Best Unisex Urine Kit?
The best part of synthetic urine is that it is available in a unisex urine kit that includes a lot more than just the urine sample. You can use these kits as part of your pranks and add them to add spice to your fantasies. Perfect for bed-wetting pranks as well, there are several factors that you can keep in mind when it comes to selecting the best synthetic urine kit. Some of those factors are:
1. The amount of uric acid: When you are buying such a novelty kit, you need to ensure that you have the best of all worlds. That is why it is crucial to check if the unisex urine kit that you are about to buy has uric acid or not. The label of the product will always tell you about all the ingredients that are there in the product. 
2. The best dealer: Synthetic urine has become very popular in recent times, and that is why it has also given rise to a lot of off-market shops that are selling these products. Needless to say, most of the products are fake, making it even more necessary to get your product from a trusted dealer. 
3. The longevity: Such synthetic urine kits are usually very costly, and you would not want the amount of product that you receive out of that much money be only for one-time. Thus, keep in mind to go for the brands with a long shelf-life and can be used for quite some time with a urine replacement. 
If you are looking for one such product that matches all the criteria, you should be looking for the Monkey Whizz kit. This novelty product contains uric acid and is extremely easy to use. SmokeWrap, a smoking accessories website, sells the Serious Bizzness Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine Novelty Kit that is sourced straight from the brand. You will be able to find 3 1/2 oz of high-quality toxin-free urine along with organic heat pads to keep the urine in the correct temperature at all times. 
There is a 100% cotton elastic belt along with the Monkey Whizz kit ensures that you have no difficulty in handling. With a one-year shelf life, the instruction manual for the product is clear and distinct. Since the product is not cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), you must not consume it at any cost. 
Conclusion: SmokeWrap is a North Carolina based seller that deals with smoking accessories such as rolling papers, filters, electronic cigarettes, and vaporizers. One of the most popular products from the website is the Monkey Whizz Unisex Synthetic Urine Kit. The best part about SmokeWrap is that the products are directly sourced from the makers, ensuring the best prices and genuineness. Should you want to know more about synthetic urine and check out the SmokeWrap collection, check out the website.

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