Age Verification Counter Top TCT Card ID Scanner ID-eTG

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Counter Top Age Verification For All Types Of Cards

ID Scanner 4000 Records Card Expiration Plus ID-eTG S/N C005979


The Tricom Card Technologies (TCT) ID-e Terminal is a portable age verification system that displays age, date of birth, and card expiry date. The ID-E terminal has a built-in MSR reader and can use an optional 2-D barcode reader for complete coverage. 

The unit can verify age in stand-alone mode, or in interactive mode using the optional GuardScan™ Security package.
Handheld Magnetic Stripe Reader for Age Verification  
100% portable, runs on AA batteries or powered by the USB cord 
Holds up to 4,000 records, durable and rugged 
Built-in software that shows you age, expired IDs, D.O.B
NOTE: This scanner may not work in all states. Please check the map in the pictures to see if this works for you. 
Protect your business and licenses with one of the leading age verification products available. The terminal has an extremely bright, oversized display, ideal for all light conditions (even complete darkness). Displays a variety of information about the customer, such as name, age, D.O.B, address, etc. Stores up to 4,000 records, ready for immediate download with optional compliance software.
* Ideal for restaurants, liquor stores, casinos, nightclubs...
* Designed for countertop or portable use.
* Operates in all light conditions, even total darkness.
* Extremely rugged, durable design.
* Stores 4,000 records for compliance purposes.
* Protects your business from heavy fines.
Help spot fake ID's expired ID's, and underage consumers with our Premier Age Verification ID Scanner. This is the ideal product to increase the efficiency of your employees, help check ID's properly, and reduce the "human error" factor.
Manually checking ID's just takes too long, and mistakes are bound to occur. It is essential that all businesses associated with age-restricted items implement a professional approach, as the risks of large penalties, suspensions, and loss of license are simply too high.
The Premier Age Verification Terminal is the ideal solution, and this model works with all magnetic stripe ID's. Furthermore, we strongly recommend the optional software for compliance purposes, which enables you to download and store the previous 4,000 ID scans for regulatory purposes. Upload data to an Excel Spreadsheet for customer information. You may care to add the "banned customer" feature, so that you can identify problem customers, right at the door.
This ID scanner is extremely easy to use, The terminal operates via plug for desktop/counter use or batteries for handheld mobile convenience. This model comes complete with wrist strap, AC/DC power supply, and 2 AA batteries.
* Please verify the privacy laws of your state. We accept no responsibility for the illegal collection or use of data.
* Colors Available: Yellow
* Unit ready to be used out of the box. No Setup Required!
* Internal memory stores up to 4,000 scans.
* Display age, DOB & expiration date when ID is scanned.
* Expired ID alert.
* Birthday Alert.
* No buttons to press: Simply swipe IDs.
* Battery Operation: Requires 2 AA batteries for portable use.
* Standalone scanner: no telephone line or computer cable required.
* Review customer's data directly on the scanner.
* Optional Compliance Software to store raw customer data of last 4,000 scans.
* Optional Protective Carry Case with shoulder strap.
* Optional BAN/VIP Feature to flag your customer's driving license.
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